Product Overview

Syngenta Cereals Crop

Axial® XL herbicide raises the standard for grass herbicides by delivering superior broad-spectrum control of mixed annual grasses in both wheat and barley with excellent crop safety and enhanced flexibility. Axial XL gives you the power to time your grass control to the needs of your operation. With a rainfast period of only 30 minutes, Axial XL controls both small and large grasses, providing the flexibility needed to maximize yield and quality.

Product Highlights

  • Flexibility to apply early or late with widest application window without sacrificing performance 
  • Superior control of tough mixed grass problems at a single use rate regardless of species or growth stage 
  • Excellent crop safety in a single grass control solution for both wheat and barley 
  • Freedom to choose best tank-mix partner for the broadleaf weed spectrum without injuring the crop 


Download Supporting Axial XL Documents

Axial XL Cereals Brochure(PDF)
Axial XL and Orion Data Sheet(PDF)