Bicep II MAGNUM Herbicide

Product Overview

Strong on broadleaf weeds and grasses, gentle to the crop and proven to keep fields cleaner longer than the competition, Bicep II Magnum® herbicide is an excellent choice for foundation weed control in corn and sorghum crops. Bicep II Magnum is a powerful combination of S-metolachlor and atrazine, two active ingredients with years of proven performance on hard-to-control weeds, making it a stronger, longer, better chemistry for your crops. 

Product Highlights

  • The combination of S-metolachlor and atrazine offers longer residual control and better performance than competitor brands
  • Crop safener benoxacor stays in the same soil layer as S-metolachlor, providing unsurpassed crop safety, even in cool, wet conditions 
  • Resistance Fighter™ brand that controls weeds early using multiple modes of action to help prevent the potential for weed resistance
  • Broad spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control 
  • Fits all tillage systems 

Download Supporting Bicep II MAGNUM Documents

Bicep II Magnum vs Competition(PDF)
Bicep II Magnum Rates(PDF)
Bicep II Magnum: Overpowering the Competition(PDF)


Jan 20, 2012

Corn Rotation on Fields with Heavy Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Seed Bank

What is the best herbicide for corn that is being planted into fields with overwhelming Palmer amaranth soil seed bank? There are two key aspects to manage heavy GR Palmer infestations in corn. First is to use at least two herbicides with good activity on Palmer amaranth. The second is to use these herbicides in a split application. Read more »