Boundary 6.5 EC Herbicide

Protect Yields with Early-Season Residual Weed Control with Boundary® 6.5 EC

  • Protects yields by offering early-season residual control of troublesome weeds
  • Contains two non-ALS inhibiting, non-glyphosate and non-PPO inhibiting chemistries for managing tough broadleaf and grass weeds
  • Offers rotational crop flexibility
  • Extends the post-application window up to five weeks after planting, keeping fields cleaner longer and allowing for more timely post-emergence applications

Download Supporting Boundary 6.5 EC Documents

2015618201598155924_Boundary-Flexstar-Sell.jpg PDF
Boundary-Flexstar GT 3.5 sell sheet(PDF)
2015618201598155924_Boundary-Flexstar-Sell.jpg PDF
Boundary Sell Sheet(PDF)