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Product Overview

Voliam Xpress® insecticide provides powerful, quick knockdown and long-lasting residual control of a wide array of damaging fruit and vegetable insect pests. One product provides dual-action control of lepidopteran pests plus other insects with the application flexibility to fit anytime of the season. Plus, with Voliam Xpress, there’s no need for tank-mixing, so one label provides all the information you need. For quick, reliable, versatile control of tough pests, choose Voliam Xpress.

Product Highlights

  • Consistent, high-level control of lepidopteran pests plus other important insect pests
  • Multiple-action performance results in more ways to protect your investment
  • Reliable insect control anytime during the season
  • Provides both rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control
  • Removes the hassle of tank-mixing: saves time, reduces exposure, reduces chances for mistakes, fewer calculations
  • Easier compliance – one label has all the information needed to meet federal and local regulations
  • Allows growers freedom to operate with well-defined, readily-available MRLs for key export markets
  • Optimizes ROI for the grower by providing a better value than competitive products or tank mixes

Download Supporting Voliam Xpress Documents

Voliam Xpress Multi-Crop Quick Reference Guide(PDF)