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Product Overview

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) poses a $1.5 billion threat to U.S. soybean yields each year and overpowers fields across the country. In order to take back fields overrun with this root-feeding nematode, Syngenta offers Clariva™ Complete Beans nematicide/insecticide/fungicide, an on-seed application of separately registered products that adds a revolutionary nematicide to the market-leading, broad-spectrum seed treatment of CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance® insecticide/fungicide.

Product Highlights

  • Combines a nematicide with the insecticide and three fungicides of CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance
  • Offers season-long activity against SCN as well as a broad range of early-season insects and diseases
  • Complements SCN-resistant varieties and crop rotation and helps manage resistance by adding another mode of action
  • Optimizes root health to deliver better emergence, stand, stress tolerance and overall performance 
  • Provides more robust and vigorous plants via the Cruiser Vigor Effect
  • Shows a consistent yield increase across multi-year field trials and improved return on investment potential for soybean growers 



"When you use Clariva Complete Beans, you have a much healthier root system. You can actually see it in the roots. They are a light tan color instead of a dark brown color. Plus, the root system is more massive and that helps the overall growth of the plant. You are protecting the plant with Clariva Complete Beans."    - Adrian (AJ) Johnson, North Judson, Indiana

"It is definitely important to have a seed with genetics or with a trait to protect against the soybean cyst nematode, but, as we have seen, the trait alone isn’t always enough. The Clariva Complete Beans seed treatment is definitely an important step in protecting yourself against the different races and pests."    - Phil Huber, Monon, Indiana

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