CruiserMaxx Beans Seed Treatment

Product Overview

CruiserMaxx® Beans insecticide/fungicide seed treatment protects crops against a wide spectrum of harmful early-season insects and diseases. A combination of the active ingredients found in Cruiser® 5FS seed treatment insecticide and Apron XL® and Maxim® 4FS seed treatment fungicides, CruiserMaxx Beans provides protection the moment the seed is planted increasing plant stand, vigor and health for improved yield potential.

Product Highlights

  • Promotes better emergence, faster speed to canopy, improved vigor and higher yield potential
  • Protects against damaging chewing and sucking insect pests
  • Provides effective protection against major fungal diseases, such as Rhizoctonia, early season Phytophthora, Pythium and Fusarium
  • Increases yield even under low insect pressure
  • May reduce virus incidence and transmission
  • Effective at low use rates
  • Protects plants even before the seed germinates
  • Excellent seed safety
  • Offers growers more robust and vigorous plants via the Thiamethoxam Vigor effect

Download supporting CruiserMaxx Beans documents

CruiserMaxx Beans Competitive Brochure(PDF)
Midwest CruiserMaxx Beans Brochure(PDF)
CruiserMaxx Beans Ambassadors Sell Sheet(PDF)


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