CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets Seed Treatment

Product Overview

An insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination for use on sugarbeets, CruiserMaxx® Sugarbeets delivers consistent, long-lasting protection against early-season insects and diseases. CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets combines Cruiser® seed treatment insecticide with Maxim® 4FS and Apron XL® seed-delivered fungicides, offering a convenient solution for growers to enhance vigor, improve stand establishment and increase yield potential by protecting the plant before the seed even germinates.

Product Highlights

  • Simple and accurate delivery of desired rate 
  • Convenience of all-in-one insect and disease protection 
  • Up to 70 to 95 percent reduction in active ingredient per acre 
  • Complements high-value seed and ensures good plant stand 
  • Integrates well with other methods of crop protection
  • Delivers long-lasting activity at very low use rates 
  • Extremely effective against damaging disease pathogens including Rhizoctonia and Pythium

Download Supporting CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets Documents

Stop Rhizoctonia in Sugarbeets(PDF)
Rhizoctonia Alert(PDF)
CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets Bulletin(PDF)


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