Endigo ZC Insecticide

Product Overview

With two highly effective modes of action plus a Zeon® Concentrate formulation, Endigo® ZC insecticide provides more robust and complete control of a broad-spectrum of harmful insects during critical growth stages. It is registered for use on cotton, potato and soybean, among other crops. Endigo ZC combines fast knockdown and extended residual insect control to stop damaging insect populations in their tracks before they threaten yield. Protect your investment with Endigo ZC.

Product Highlights

  • Combines two industry-leading chemistries, plus a proprietary ZC formulation, for quick knockdown and extended residual control against key foliar insect pests, resulting in higher potential yield 
  • Delivers robust labeled rates of two complementary modes of action for consistently reliable performance 
  • Offers trans-stemic movement into the leaves providing extended residual control 
  • Serves as an excellent rotational product for a complete insect resistance management program

Download Supporting Endigo ZC Documents

Endigo ZC Guidelines for Cotton(PDF)