Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Stewardship
Our Partnerships

For nearly a decade Syngenta has joined those who are making a difference in the environmental quality of rural communities across America. Partners such as Trees Forever in Iowa and Illinois, various Midwestern Corn Grower Associations, Farm Bureaus and government agencies such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service and state Departments of Natural Resources have all partnered in various projects with Syngenta to improve rural environments across the country.

These partnerships are showing results in improved water quality across rural America. Over the past five years environmental stewardship efforts, such as those supported by Syngenta, have helped contribute to the dramatic increase in conservation buffers (grassy strips of land that border streams, rivers and other water bodies). Since 1997 conservation buffers have increased from under 400,000 miles to almost 1.4 million miles. Independent scientific research and research conducted by Syngenta has shown that properly installed buffers can reduce sediment loading to streams and rivers by up to 80 percent.

We support environmental stewardship programs throughout the industry. For example we work with 100 municipal water suppliers to monitor water quality and promote farming practices that minimize water runoff from fields.

Safe, responsible use of agricultural input products benefits everyone - from the farmer striving to grow a crop to all of us who share the environment.

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