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Resistance Management Efforts By Syngenta

The concern Syngenta has about pesticide resistance extends to all aspects of prevention and management. The Syngenta effort involving research, development, and outreach includes, where appropriate:

Insect in the field
  • understanding the mechanisms of resistance to our products

  • monitoring of pest populations where resistance is occurring or has potential to occur

  • considering the research data from other parts of the world

  • developing resistance management strategies based on in-house knowledge

  • coordination with universities and government agencies

  • participation on resistance action committees

  • including guidelines on how to prevent and manage resistance on our pesticide labels and literature, and in training programs
Syngenta supports both the International and National Resistance Action Committees, involving Insecticides (IRAC), Fungicides (FRAC), and Herbicides (HRAC). Current Syngenta representatives on the national committees include Caydee Savinelli (IRAC), Gilberto Olaya and Allison Tally (FRAC), and Les Glasgow (HRAC).

The Syngenta Customer Resource Center provides on-going support for inquiries from our various stakeholders (sales reps, growers, retailers, applicators, consultants, agencies, etc.) involving product uses, label clarification, product properties, performance, and environmental stewardship. If, for example, an applicator is concerned about poor herbicide performance and suspects weed resistance, the Customer Resource Center will rule out other causes before having seed collected and sent to the Syngenta Vero Beach Research Center to be screened for resistance.

The following pages contain the Syngenta approach to the prevention and management of pest resistance for some of our important crop protection products. It is a customized approach, and therefore each active ingredient is discussed separately, with important general principles highlighted along the way. Always follow specific directions on the label.