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Syngenta offers Northern Plains growers top-performing winter wheat varieties for 2012 planting

  • New AgriPro brand hard red winter wheat variety SY Wolf offers excellent yield performance, agronomics
  • Proven varieties AP503 CL2 and Art offer viable options with high yield potential, improved weed control, excellent agronomics 
Greensboro, N.C., USA – As 2012 winter wheat planting season approaches in the Northern Plains, Syngenta reminds growers to implement sound management practices and select varieties with consistent performance and superior genetics.Adding to its proven portfolio of top-performing wheat varieties available to Northern Plains growers,Syngenta recently introduced SY Wolf, a new AgriPro® brand hard red winter wheat boasting excellent yield performance.
“We’re excited to offer SY Wolf this year for the first time as certified seed to Northern Plains cereal growers,” said David Boehm, cereals key account lead, Syngenta, Fargo, N.D. “It’s an excellent option for planting this fall as it has excelled in a broad range of yield trials across the region and offers the combination of excellent yield potential and agronomics growers have been seeking,” Boehm added.
Syngenta recommends Northern Plains growers consider the following certified seed varieties as options for 2012 winter wheat planting:
  • SY Wolf (Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana): The new top performer among winter wheat varieties, SY Wolf is a unique variety as it offers excellent yield performance across a wide geography. Good disease tolerance to a wide range of pathogens, bacterial blights and viruses contributes to SY Wolf’s high yield potential. This semi-dwarf, hard red variety shows superior straw strength, which helps prevent lodging in adverse weather, as well as early maturity.
  • AP503 CL2 (South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana): For growers who need to control tough grass weeds in winter wheat, AP503 CL2 offers the only two-gene Clearfield® winter wheat variety.  This gives growers the ability to control downy brome, Italian ryegrass, goatgrass, Persian Darnel, wild oat and foxtails with either a fall or spring herbicide application.  Plus, AP503 CL2 offers the agronomic qualities growers want, like short height, excellent straw strength, early maturity and good grain quality. 
  • Art (South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana): Art has proven itself with good yield potential and excellent agronomics. It’s an early maturing variety, and like other AgriPro brand certified seed varieties, Art has short height, excellent straw strength and good foliar disease tolerance. Art also offers improved scab tolerance for eastern wheat-growing areas of the Northern Plains.
As wheat growers begin preparing for the upcoming planting season, Syngenta recommends thoughtfully considering disease tolerance traits when selecting certified seed. “SY Wolf has good disease tolerance to a wide range of pathogens, including leaf and stripe rust, tan spot, Septoria andpowdery mildew,” Boehm explained. “It has also held up well to bacterial blights; barley yellow dwarf virus, which is vectored by aphids; and looks promising for wheat streak mosaic virus.”
Planting quality certified seed varieties, along with good planting practices that include residue management, proper seeding rates and the use of seed treatments, are all critical in helping wheat get off to a uniform start. Seed treatments that are applied on farm like CruiserMaxx® Cereals insecticide/fungicide combination, or commercially-applied like Cruiser® insecticide and Dividend Extreme® fungicide, become particularly important in helping to ensure young seedlings withstand early-season disease and insect pressure, as well as temperature fluctuations.   
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