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Record drought puts Agrisure Artesian corn technology from Syngenta to the test – trials show yield advantage of 16.8%

  • Drought-resistant hybrid corn seed outperforms trial averages by 16.8%, or an additional 10.9 bushels/acre, in severe and extreme drought conditions, as observed in 1,100 field trials in 2012
  • Increases crop yields during water-stressed growing conditions all season long
  • Effective risk management tool that helps growers stabilize yield and grow more corn
Minnetonka, Minn., U.S.A. Syngenta announced today that results from extensive field trials during 2012 confirmed that under severe and extreme drought conditions, hybrids with Agrisure Artesian™ technology produced 16.8% higher yields compared to the plot average. The trial database included competitor hybrids with and without drought tolerance technology.
In a widespread drought like the one experienced in the 2012 season, one quarter of the corn crop could have conceivably been affected by at least severe and extreme level drought. A 16.8% yield increase on these acres would translate to enough corn to fill a train of railcars more than 1,315 miles long, or long enough to span the entire Corn Belt – from Ohio to Colorado.
“This year corn farmers faced one of the worst droughts in decades, inflicting incredible water stress on crops and significantly impacting yields,” said Duane Martin, Ph.D., Syngenta product lead, commercial traits. “In extensive field trials, our Agrisure Artesian technology performed extremely well in these conditions and showed that it will serve as a cost-effective solution to help maximize corn production in less-than-ideal growing conditions.”
During 2012, corn hybrids containing Agrisure Artesian technology were tested extensively in more than 1,100 on-farm trials across the Corn Belt. Field trials included a wide range of production environments, from highly-productive conditions to extreme drought stress.
Under severe and extreme drought conditions1 corn hybrids containing Agrisure Artesian technology produced 16.8%, or 10.9 bushels/acre, higher yields compared to the plot average, showing that hybrids containing Agrisure Artesian technology offer an effective risk management tool that can help growers stabilize yields in uncertain conditions.
In cases of extreme drought conditions, hybrids with Agrisure Artesian technology produced yields of 48.4% or 15.1 bushels/acre, versus the plot average. These hybrids, in some cases, nearly doubled the yield of hybrids without the Agrisure Artesian trait.
Additionally, hybrids with Agrisure Artesian technology matched or exceeded the yield of comparable hybrids in good growing conditions or moderate drought stress, showing the ability to maximize yields for top return in typical years. Proven to maximize yield when it rains, and increase yield when it doesn’t, Agrisure Artesian technology is available for planting in most areas of the Corn Belt for the 2013 season.
Agrisure Artesian was developed using proprietary Gene Blueprinting™ technology. As a result, Agrisure Artesian contains multiple genes that have been identified and selected from corn’s own genome. The genes work in complex ways to help plants use water more efficiently at every growth stage to provide season-long drought protection, setting this technology apart from its competitors.
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Yield of Agrisure ArtesianTM hybrids vs. plot average by yield environment 


1. For this research, Syngenta defines a yield environment of 50–99 bu/acre as “Severe” and fewer than 50 bu/acres as “Extreme”.

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