Product Overview

Syngenta Cereals Crop

Quilt® fungicide combines the Power of Two™ industry-leading brands to deliver long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control, which enables cereals and corn, among other crops, to reach its full yield potential. With the Power of Two systemic active ingredients, Quilt moves diffusively in the leaf, allowing it to penetrate the leaf tissue and spread more efficiently throughout the leaf. Quilt acts both preventively and curatively against yield-robbing diseases.


Product Highlights

  • Combines two active ingredients with both preventive and curative activity to offer long-lasting control of foliar diseases
  • Stops fungal growth and spore germination for curative and long residual control
  • Provides resistance management with two different modes of action

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Hail & fungicide use on corn

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Jun 26, 2015

Are fungicides needed on hail damaged crops?

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