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Syngenta Cereals Crop

The first fungicide from Syngenta developed specifically as a seed treatment, Vibrance® seed treatment fungicide is formulated to boost a crop’s RootingPower by delivering enhanced disease protection that leads to stronger root systems and improved crop performance. Through its SDHI mode of action, Vibrance provides best-in-class activity against threatening diseases like Rhizoctonia across a variety of crops while ensuring yield consistency under a broad range of conditions.

Product Highlights

  • Bolsters RootingPower through enhanced disease protection that leads to more powerful roots and improved crop performance
  • Delivers best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity and longer-lasting disease protection
  • Contains sedaxane, first fungicide active ingredient from Syngenta developed specifically as a seed treatment
  • Provides a resistance management tool as it adds another seed treatment mode of action from the SDHI class of fungicides to the Syngenta Seedcare portfolio
  • Complements market-leading fungicide seed treatments as an ideal mix partner
  • Produces healthier, stronger stems and foliage better able to withstand stresses from weather, diseases and insects
  • Offers ideal systemicity and soil mobility to create a “halo of protection” around the seed and root system
  • Provides long-lasting protection and strong performance under a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Creates more robust root systems that more efficiently utilize moisture and nutrients

“We’ve been testing Vibrance since 2008 and have replicated trials on wheat, barley and legumes. Vibrance performed well and provided solid yield responses [most of the time], which I think is really important. We’ve tested it on winter wheat in about 25 locations, and we noticed an average increase of about 3 bu/A above CruiserMaxx Cereals alone, but in addition to the product.”  -Dave Barta, Crop Production Services, Spokane, Wash.

Download supporting Vibrance documents

Vibrance in Cereals Sales Presentation(PDF)
Syngenta Seed Treatment Portfolio Brochure(PDF)
Soilborne Pathogens Bulletin(PDF)
RootingPower Info Sheet(PDF)
Root Health Poster(PDF)


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