Warrior II with Zeon Technology Insecticide

Product Overview

Warrior II with Zeon Technology® insecticide delivers the combination of consistently reliable performance, modern formulation technology, and long residual insect protection for vegetables, potatoes, soybeans and fruits. Zeon® Technology, a patented quick-release, micro-encapsulated formulation with a powerful UV blocker, ensures fast knockdown and residual control of the most damaging insects.

Product Highlights

  • Zeon Technology uses a patented micro-encapsulation process that ensures fast insect knockdown and long residual control
  • A built-in powerful UV blocker to protect the active ingredient from photodegradation
  • Fast pest knockdown from quick-release capsules
  • Capsules adhere strongly to the target site and are rainfast in about an hour
  • Long residual control of a broad spectrum of the most damaging insects
  • Easy storage and handling

Download supporting Warrior II with Zeon Technology documents

Quilt Xcel Warrior II sheet(PDF)
Sunflower Trespassers Will Be Managed(PDF)
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Pest Alert(PDF)


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