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Proof is in the field. Visit the Not Afraid To Work digital hub to see how Trivapro helped maximize yield on thousands of acres in 2016.

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Win the Battle against Resistant Weeds

The Good Growth Plan

Diversity is key to fighting weed resistance. The Resistance Fighter program provides stewardship tips to help you fight resistance.

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Helping Crops Reach their Potential

About Crop Protection

We offer a full line of world leading crop protection products including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed treatments. Our products are designed to improve crop yield and performance, increase plant vigor and reduce yield losses during periods of drought or heat.

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Syngenta US @syngentaus
Concerned about weed resistance in #corn? The right mgmt. strategy can put your mind at ease: #Agronomy #Toughweeds
Syngenta US @syngentaus
#SustAgForum: #Farmtechnology can show yields in real time and help identify products that will perform favorably in various fields.
Syngenta US @syngentaus
#SustAgForum: Departments in universities should start teaching #agresearch from day one. Research in this industry has leapfrogged.


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