Endigo ZC Insecticide

Product Overview

The tried and trusted solution for insect control

Endigo® ZC insecticide combines three industry-leading technologies for quick knockdown and extended residual control of key foliar insect pests in soybeans, potatoes and cotton, among other crops, resulting in higher potential yield. It serves as an excellent rotational product for a complete integrated pest management program and easily tank mixes with other products for added convenience.

Product Highlights

  • Contains two active ingredients, thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin, to deliver two complementary modes of action for broad-spectrum control of key insects
  • Offers a proprietary Zeon® Concentrate formulation for fast knockdown and extended residual control of key foliar insects
  • Provides quick trans-stemic movement into leaves for better, longer protection
  • Controls insects such as soybean aphid, stinkbugs, bean leaf beetle, Japanese beetle, grasshoppers, corn rootworm beetle, worms and kudzu bug 

Download supporting Endigo ZC documents

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Endigo ZC Soybeans Sell Sheet(PDF)
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Endigo ZC Soybeans Competitor Sheet(PDF)


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