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Product Overview

Halex® GT herbicide offers the best opportunity for one-pass, post-emergence broadleaf weed and grass control in glyphosate-tolerant corn (Agrisure® GT or Roundup Ready® hybrids). Halex GT is Glyphosate with Residual™ and provides a more convenient alternative to other post-emergence, straight glyphosate corn herbicide programs. By combining three modes of action in a one-pass system, Halex GT saves growers time and money and helps with managing resistant weeds.

Product Highlights

  • Flexible post-emergence application means no more waiting for more weeds to emerge before application
  • Years of product development shows Halex GT out-yields both one and two applications of glyphosate
  • Resistance Fighter™ brand with three modes of action and manages against weed biotypes tolerant or resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting and triazine herbicides



Nick Nagle“If you don’t start clean, you are going to lose bushels. The name of the game in farming is to keep your fields clean so you can be as profitable as possible. This was my first year using Halex GT and I think nine of ten farmers who try Halex GT use it again because they are seeing the same thing I saw – clean fields."

Wade Rap, Grower, Shell City, Missouri

Download Supporting Halex GT Documents

201550620155723552_HalexGT-NC-Tenn-Test.jpg PDF
Halex GT N. Carolina/Tennessee Testimonials(PDF)
2015143201532413396_miss-test.JPG PDF
Halex GT Mississippi/Louisiana Testimonials(PDF)
20153602015324133831_indiana-test.JPG PDF
Halex GT Indiana Testimonials(PDF)
2015125201557174615_Halex-GT-Iowa-Testimonials.jpg PDF
Halex GT Iowa Testimonials(PDF)
20159272015324134057_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Halex GT Arkansas/Missouri Testimonials(PDF)
20159272015324134121_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Corn Herbicide Portfolio(PDF)
20155232015324134226_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel and Halex GT Sell Sheet(PDF)
20151182015324134311_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Halex GT: Mixing Guidelines(PDF)
20154332015324134513_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Fall-Applied Dual II Magnum followed by Halex GT(PDF)
20159302015323232530_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Bicep II Magnum followed by Halex GT(PDF)
201592015324134348_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Halex GT Residual Comparison Sheet(PDF)
2015588201532413449_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Halex GT Glyphosate Resistance Management Sheet(PDF)
20154802015324134447_PDF-icon.jpg PDF
Halex GT Comparison Sheet(PDF)