Quadris Fungicide

Product Overview

Syngenta Cereals Crop

When it comes to controlling diseases and protecting your bottom line, it’s important to choose a trusted product with proven performance. Quadris® fungicide offers optimal disease control to help corn, potato, soybean and vegetable growers, among others, to maximize return on investment. It is broad-spectrum and provides complete plant protection with its xylem-mobile systemic activity. Quadris also enables crops to utilize resources like air, water and nutrients more efficiently.

Product Highlights

  • Optimizes yield and quality by helping the plant use resources efficiently
  • Provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of yield-robbing diseases
  • Offers effective control of all four classes of fungi
  • Offers application flexibility and long-lasting residual disease control
  • Provides broad-spectrum preventive disease control even to new plant growth through the Quadris X-Factor™

Download supporting Quadris documents

Rhizoctonia Alert(PDF)
Quadris Early Info Sheet(PDF)
Quadris Early Trifold(PDF)


Jul 14, 2016

Fungicide use on hail damaged corn & soybeans

Last week several areas in North Dakota received significant rainfall and severe hail events. Hail damage in crops ranged from severe to complete defoliation. Read more on fungicide use on hail damaged crops from this Crop & Pest Report article.Read more »

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