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When it comes to controlling diseases and protecting your bottom line, it’s important to choose a trusted product with proven performance. Quadris® fungicide offers optimal disease control to help corn, potato, soybean and vegetable growers, among others, to maximize return on investment. It is broad-spectrum and provides complete plant protection with its xylem-mobile systemic activity. Quadris also enables crops to utilize resources like air, water and nutrients more efficiently.

Product Highlights

  • Optimizes yield and quality by helping the plant use resources efficiently
  • Provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of yield-robbing diseases
  • Offers effective control of all four classes of fungi
  • Offers application flexibility and long-lasting residual disease control
  • Provides broad-spectrum preventive disease control even to new plant growth through the Quadris X-Factor™

Download Supporting Quadris Documents

Rhizoctonia Alert(PDF)
Quadris-Endigo Soybean Trifold(PDF)
Quadris Comparison Guide(PDF)
Quadris Early Info Sheet(PDF)
Quadris Early Trifold(PDF)


Apr 29, 2016

Understanding & managing blemish problems in fresh market potato

Blemishes are a big problem fresh market potato growers often face. They can cause 15% or more of potatoes to be culled or cause rejected loads. Smooth-skinned tubers in particular are especially vulnerable to blemishes because they are easily observed. This work evaluated blemishes on tubers from a survey of potatoes collected from potato growers, and evaluated the effects of fungicides on blemishes. Read more »

Jan 9, 2013

“Do Fungicides Pay in Drought?” Question Answered in 2012

Syngenta yield data indicates Quilt Xcel® fungicide helped corn and soybeans in drought-stressed regions across the U.S. better tolerate the 2012 drought. Read more »

Jul 2, 2012

Dry Weather Creating Crop Management Issues

Iowa farmers are concerned about abnormally hot and dry weather this growing season. Following such a mild winter, many corn and soybean growers planted their crops a lot earlier than usual this year, but they did not expect drought-like conditions to be occurring already. Limited rainfall and high temperatures are the prime ingredients in creating poor crop formation and therefore, reducing yield and profit.Read more »

Feb 7, 2011

An Additional Opportunity to Expand Yield through Disease Control and Plant Performance

Quadris® fungicide applied early positions corn for maximum yield at a critical growth stage through preventive disease control, better stress response and increased Plant Performance™.Read more »

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