Product Overview

Tilt® fungicide is a proven, economical tool that provides full-season disease control on wheat, barley, stonefruits, tree nuts and vegetables. It provides superior control of major foliar fungal diseases, helping crops achieve maximum yield potential. Tilt offers growers peace of mind by controlling difficult diseases and moving systemically to protect new growth. Other benefits like quick rainfastness and tank-mix flexibility make Tilt an ideal choice for economical disease control.

Product Highlights

  • Stops fungal growth before it can sporulate
  • Helps crops achieve maximum yield potential and improve quality
  • Can tank mix with other products to reduce trips, maximizing application and worker efficiency


Mar 12, 2012

Kansas wheat growers guided to top yields with help from Syngenta

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Jan 10, 2012

Syngenta advises PNW cereal growers remain vigilant for stripe rust development

Following high stripe rust levels across the Pacific Northwest (PNW) in 2011, Syngenta and USDA-ARS researchers have been carefully monitoring its development during the fall to help cereal growers prepare a defense plan for 2012. Fall 2011 stripe rust levels ranged from normal to above average across the PNW, so Syngenta is encouraging growers to develop a management plan that includes resistant varieties for spring wheat acres and proactive scouting. They also recommend keeping tools like Tilt® and Quilt Xcel® fungicides on hand to combat potential in-season disease outbreaks. Read more »